Eat & Stay

Eat & Stay

Eat and Stay at Broken Stick Brewing Company

Whether you're a craft beer enthusiast, a foodie, or just looking for a relaxing getaway, our unique brewery offers an unforgettable experience. Indulge in delectable dishes from the Hammond Golf Restaurant , savour our handcrafted brews, and bask in the cozy ambiance of our accommodations. Here's a glimpse of what awaits you!

Our Craft Beer Selection

At Broken Stick Brewing Company, we take pride in our diverse selection of craft beers. From hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts, our expert brewers carefully crafts each beer to perfection. Sample our ever-changing lineup of brews and discover new flavours that will delight your taste buds. Our on-site brewpub is the perfect spot to relax with friends, enjoy live music, and experience the true essence of craft beer culture.

The Eatery

The Hammond Golf Restaurant’s culinary team excels in creating mouthwatering dishes that perfectly complement our craft beers. From hearty burgers to fresh salads and flavourful appetizers, their menu caters to a wide range of palates. They source their ingredients locally whenever possible, ensuring a farm-to-table experience that reflects the seasonal bounty of our region. Don't forget to save room for their delectable desserts that will leave you craving for more.

The Stay

Extend your visit by staying next door at Hammond Hill , Canada’s first Eco glamping experience. The comfortable and well-appointed yurts and tiny homes offer a cozy retreat after a day of exploring the surrounding area. Unwind with a glass of our signature beer, take a leisurely stroll through their glamping grounds, or simply relax in their beer garden and soak in the serene forest views.

Events and Special Occasions

Broken Stick Brewing Company is not just a place to eat and stay; it's a hub of entertainment and celebration. We host various events throughout the year, including weekly live music, themed parties, and community gatherings. If you're planning a special occasion, our venue is also available for private bookings, ensuring an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Retail Shop

Take a piece of Broken Stick Brewing Company home with you by visiting our retail shop. From limited-edition beers to branded merchandise, you'll find the perfect memento to cherish the memories of your visit.

Whether you're seeking a weekend retreat, a culinary adventure, or a place to enjoy exceptional beers, our brewery offers an experience like no other.

Best Ingredients

Our commitment to quality starts with the finest ingredients, carefully selected from local farmers and global suppliers who share our values. As a local, family-oriented brewery, we take pride in supporting our community and producing beers that reflect the unique flavors of our surroundings.

Our Process

Pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing, resulting in unique and exceptional flavors that will excite your palate. From the earthy notes of our stouts to the hoppy goodness of our IPAs, each beer tells a story, inviting you to savor the essence of our region and the love poured into every batch.

Story behind

Broken Stick Brewing Company, the first brewery located on a golf course in Canada. Enjoy our great beer without having to golf. Finish your day with a glamping experience at Hammond Hill , conveniently located behind the brewery.